Family Resources

Family Resources
"Come, my children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the Lord."
Psalm 34:11
What We Believe: Questions and Answers
Parents Crosslink Magazine
This link will take you to an important resource website developed by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.  The "Parenting" page includes mini-presentations and articles on particular topics, as well as the archives of the Parents Crosslink magazine.  Check it out!
Lutheran Confessions: the Book of Concord
Our Lutheran Confessions are not inspired by the Holy Spirit like the Bible.  However, they do serve us well as faithful witnesses to what the Bible teaches and defend Bible truth against error.  Of particular significance for parents are the Small and Large Catechisms written by Martin Luther.  He wrote these for the parents of his day, so that they could have a teaching tool for instructing their children in the teachings of God's Word.  Today, we still teach our 7th & 8th grade children the content of the Small Catechism  in "Catechism class" before they are confirmed.  The Large Catechism offers you an expanded concept of what is found in the Small Catechism.  It serves as excellent "background information" for any parent who uses the Small Catechism to teach God's Word in the home.
Family Devotion Videos
Use these brief videos as the basis for a home family devotion.  These videos are designed primarily for grade school aged children.